One of the most effective pieces of security technology is without a doubt the access control system. Designed with the specific task of regulating who is allowed to enter a property, facility, or room, the access control system has undergone many advancements over the years and is today one of those must have security set ups.

Such systems are perfect for both home and business use, pretty much fulfilling the same duty. For the home, it will be used to automatically open gates, turn on lights or control irrigation systems while when used in business, it can determine the exact times when staff arrive and leave, who enters which area, and record the information which can be used to calculate overtime.

Some access control systems rely on biometrics, but if you are looking to add such a feature to your property, a remote control or pin is the norm. And there are many reasons why you should opt for such a system to be installed. If you are on the fence about it, read these interesting facts about access control systems:

10 Facts about Access Control Systems

  • The first access control systems were developed in the 1960s. They were characterised by keypads and users would have to enter a unique code to gain access.
  • Today’s more modern systems use cards, fingerprints, retina scans, intercom and keypads while the gate systems generally rely on remote controls.
  • By having full control over the system, you can easily remove a person’s access capabilities. Should someone be leaving a property permanently, the remote control configuration can be changed if need be.
  • This technology is quite flexible and can be added to a gate or a door.
  • An access control system is a lot more secure than the key and lock. Keys can be stolen or lost, but when you are using an access system which makes use of a fingerprint it is far safer.
  • A system of this kind can be used in a wide variety of facilities. Residential complexes, schools, parking facilities, offices and banks have been known to take full advantage of having access control.
  • The perfect access control system can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems. Connecting an alarm system to an access system is a popular option as the two quite wonderfully go hand in hand.
  • You can opt for a system which has a two-factor authentication system. This again will instantly improve your security set up as people will have to provide two types of authentication before they are able to enter a property or room.
  • Certain systems are able to accurately record the times when a person enters a controlled area and when they decide to leave. Along with this information being greatly beneficial to the human resources department and the financial department, this system can assist in gathering information when a crime has happened.
  • An access system will require very little maintenance.

For that additional security to give you peace of mind, you cannot go wrong by investing in an access control system, even if it is just for your gate. Contact Gatekeeper today for more information about our unique systems.

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