is one of OnGuard’s superior products and it is made to give top of the range access control to gates, whether it be at a business or residential home. Gate automation is a type of access control that is capable of transforming the security set up of any property by making it more secure and less likely for unexpected or unwelcome visitors to enter.

There are many reasons why Gatekeeper is one of the best systems on the market. Not only is the system perfectly capable of controlling access to your property, but it is also able to keep information about all of those who enter and exit. Gatekeeper creates reports for every vehicle or person entering the property, allowing both the property owner as well as their security company to review reports should they need the information.

If you want your security company to have access to your property, you can organise access via the system. Never before has a system given so much control over the access points to a property, but with Gatekeeper, you will instantly be feeling safer and more secure.

What makes Gatekeeper a must?

Apart from the fact that your security will undoubtedly be improved the moment you invest in the system, there are a few other reasons why you’ll find Gatekeeper is the far better option when compared to similar gate access control systems.

  1. It is more affordable

Although price should never be the determining factor when it comes to safety, in reality, it is. Customers will compare prices long before they compare product features. Gatekeeper is more affordable than most similar systems. We are upfront about our fees and we charge R294.00 annually for domestic users and R800 annually for commercial users. The number of visitors the system records is unlimited for both options.

  1. The system is easy to install

Gatekeeper can be installed on any gate or garage door motor. The system is quite versatile that way. Each time the gate is opened, you will receive an email alert, which can serve as your own record. It’ll take almost no time to get your system successfully set up and doing what it needs to do.

  1. It provides top-notch access control

Our system allows you to configure up to 1000 numbers, making our system a truly intuitive scheduling system that you’ll benefit greatly from.

Gatekeeper is one of the best access control system in South Africa and you won’t regret having this addition to your property. Get in contact with us today to find out more.

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