ET Remote 1

4G/LTE capabilities

Simple control system
to access properties

The easiest and most convenient system to control who enters your property. (now supports ET controllers)

Open with just a call

With just a simple phone call you can open any access points connected to the Gatekeeper unit


We charge an nominal amount of R 449.00 (Including vat)  annually for domestic users  and R 1030.00 (including vat) for commercial users which allows unlimited numbers.

Easy to install

Any gate or garage door motor can have a gate-keeper fitted to it. An added bonus is that you can get email alerts of who is opening your gate.

Access control

Our intuitive internet web based scheduling allows you to configure up to 1000 numbers.

4G/LTE support

Keypad entry

With just a simple keypad you can distribute temporary secure access to any access point

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